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Working with HYPO?

Hypo is on its way, and we are always looking for talented, innovative and creative people join us for the ride.  If you are interested in working for or with Hypo please contact us.  

Affiliate Program

Details coming soon!

Special Discounts

The special discount is our way of helping those who are in need of assistance, bulk orders, senior citizens and those who benefit our communities.  Contact us with your story to receive your unique promo code.  

Idea Submissions

Submit Your Patented Idea or Design

Do you have an idea for a new design or new product? If you have a general suggestion for us regarding products you would like us to offer (for example, adding activity-specific shoes, etc.), improvements to our current products (for example, new colors, additional widths, etc.), or would like assistance with other issues such as orders or product recommendations, please contact us. We look forward to hearing your suggestions and assisting you in any way we can!

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Working With Hypo

Special Discounts

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