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The Story of Hypo Footwear

At the junction of style and performance

Hypo Footwear is under the umbrella of the Saint H (St. H) Corporation which is named after Saint Homobonus.  Saint Homobonus was the Catholic patron saint of business people, shoemakers, tailors and clothmakers.  He donated a large portion of his product and profits to the poor and was canonized a saint in 1199.  Along the Journey of becoming a global brand, Hypo would like to follow in his footsteps.  

Hypo began to take shape in 2015.  We wanted to create a fresh new face to the sneaker world – a junction of style and performance.   After a year and a half of researching, designing and developing, Hypo was born. We believe that within each of us lies a competitor, a part of us that strives for greatness. Hypo was brought into existence with the mentality of pursuing greatness while catching excellence along the way.  If you want something in life, you have to GO GET IT.

Our Mission – We strive to bring comfort, style, and innovation to the competitor in all of us.

Our Motto  – Go Get It.  

Laramie, Wyoming            Denver, Colorado


HYPO wanted to create a logo that would be easily identifiable to the world.  The Hypo design team created an H in motion known as The “H”, an identifiable, sharp looking logo that flows very well on the side of a sneaker. Now when you see the H.  You will know its HYPO!

What are you waiting for?

Nobody owes you anything, you are not entitled to anything, nobody is going to help you and nobody cares.  So what are you waiting for? …If you want something in life, you have to Go Get It.

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Laramie, WY

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