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  Hypo Footwear is under the umbrella of the Saint H (St. H) Corporation which is named after Saint Homobonus.  Saint Homobonus was the Catholic patron saint of business people, shoemakers, tailors and clothmakers.  He donated a large portion of his product and  profits to the poor and was canonized in 1199.  We here at Hypo want to follow in his footsteps, We want to conquer the business world, but more importantly our main reason for existing is to help the less fortunate.   Nobody leaves this world with their possessions. Enjoy them yes, but Hypo would like use any financial gain to make a difference and have influence in the world.  Along with donating Hypo products, we would like to use a percentage of profits from each sale to benefit certain causes.   We do not want to just portray the image of helping people for the recognition and marketing purposes,  we want to be about action.


Message from Hypo's CEO and founder


The idea for a sneaker company has been with me from a young age. I wanted to create a fresh new face in the sneaker world - a brand for the people. That's where Hypo comes in. In 2015, my dream began to take shape, and after a year and a half of researching, designing and developing, Hypo was born. We believe that within each of us lies a competitor, a part of us that strives for greatness. Hypo was brought into existence with the mentality of pursuing greatness while catching excellence along the way.  If you want something in life, you have to GO GET IT.





S. Coca



Our Mission - We strive to bring comfort, style, and innovation to the competitor in all of us.


Our Mottos - Go Get It.  and Whenever, Wherever